Píldora de Logopedia #1

Publicado por el 3 Sep, 2012

Píldora de Logopedia #1
Laura Vidal Pastor
Laura Vidal Pastor Logopeda en Valencia
Cambia 5 cigarros por un helado y estimula la lengua


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  1. jajajajajaja! muy bueno! tambie9n te admiro por tus 4 hijos yo tengo una que a mi, por lo menos, me vale por 3. El hrombe nunca entendere1 el millf3n de cosas que las mujeres somos capaces de hacer en un deda. Yo por lo menos tampoco me puedo quejar, mi esposo asume una muy buena carga, lleva a mi hija al pediatra, hace la compra, la lleva al dentista y aspira la alfombra jajajaja!

  2. Thanks Don! It may be a bit too soon for an actual book, but I have been thinking about cooking up a nice PDF compilation full of web design tips..Now if I could only find the time! 😉

  3. Not sure if this may help but it’s worth looking into. If the bread and wine is totally transformed to the body and blood (which is what I think Catholics believe) Is it really a problem??? I grew up Catholic and am now Greek Orthodox, we have 3 sons severely affected by gluten two are celiac and one is Autistic. Communion has not been an issue. They do not receive the endethido or prossfrido (spelling??) breads after communion or mass but the bread in the chalise Christ’s body has not been any problem. May be worth a try….

  4. First of all, we should all thank lovelylora for her generosity. And then you for always giving us the best material on Michael on the net.I love the photos, especially the first two. It seems that pair of jeans has become his favourite of late. And what about that George Michael t-shirt?   0 likes

  5. Gleder meg masse,har meldt meg på bloggfrokosten og middag i siste liten:) Blir en så spennende helg,så mye gøy som skjer:)Klem Jeanette\\Mi casa es su casa

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